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If you’ve been following DKN over the past three years, you would have seen the massive amount of coverage we’ve given to the historic event that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We all waited with bated breath for the chance to see the Trinity on the big screen. These characters and their source materials are extremely important to us. Without realizing it, we’ve all been waiting for something like this to happen our entire lives. If you’re reading this website, it’s likely the same for you.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened last week to some of the worst reviews around. Rotten Tomatoes is a film review website that aggregates several movie reviews from critics all over the Internet and in print to come up with a comprehensive score for the film. The current average for BvS is 29% out of a possible 100. Normally, critical reviews should serve mostly as a guideline on what you’re getting yourself into when seeing a movie, but ultimately, you should watch the movie yourself and form your own opinion.

Now I’m fully aware that it’s not the case for every critic that is included in RT’s aggregate score, but for some, it is. There’s a certain bias there. Many of them are comparing the film unfavorably to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, when the two universes should stand on their own. It’s human to compare apples and oranges, especially since Marvel paved the way so brilliantly, but there’s still bias. At the same time, some of these critics are simply movie experts and not necessarily comic book fans, which tends to also skew their opinions of the movie. Now, I’m not bashing the critics by any means. They are entitled to their own opinion just like everyone of us, but I just think it important to gauge the opinion of comic book fans as well. As I said above, we here at DKN love this stuff and if you come to DKN often, you love it too.

Therefore, the staff at DKN have decided to provide you with a comic book fans’ aggregate score for the movie. We’re all comic book fans just like you and we likely have the same thoughts and feelings. So, if you haven’t seen the movie because you’re on the fence based on seeing such negative reviews, maybe you’ll take our feelings into consideration.

Below, you’ll find mini-reviews from members of the staff. Each will voice their opinion of the movie and all have provided a score of 10, which contributed to an overall cumulative score.

John Hagmann, News writer and comic book reviewer

“Batman v Superman is a stirring, sensate experience for comic book fans. A war-torn Bruce takes center stage. And, Affleck delivers—as Wayne and Batman.

Eisenberg’s performance was great—but, more fitting of other villains. Luthor is more staid and supremely confident—qualities this Lex was missing. Doomsday was premature and underdeveloped.

BvS dealt with real-life weighty issues using a make-believe genre in an entertaining and thought-provoking way, while setting up the future DC cinematic universe. Beloved characters are on-screen together for the first time—which is well worth the price of admission.”

Nat Brehmer, News writer and reviewer

“Not the insightful film it was hoping to be, Batman v Superman is instead a flawed but fun action vehicle with great set pieces that is saved by its cast, all of whom do an excellent job. Affleck, Gadot and Eisenberg are particular standouts, each bringing something fresh to the table. It tries to take on too much for an individual movie, and feels bloated as a result, lacking a singular focus, but does exactly what it set out to do by establishing a universe people are excited to see more of.”

Eric Lee, News writer

Batman v Superman was a hot mess of half-baked plots, contrived situations, and overly dramatic cinematography. One issue with the film is that it took forever for Batman to actually fight Superman. And the build-up to their battle was a little tedious. The movie also has a lot of ideas or characters that are half-thought out, like Lex Luthor’s motivations. All of which would be forgivable if the movie didn’t take itself so seriously. And that is the biggest problem with the film. With the exception of Jesse Eisnenberg’s eccentric performance and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, it was missing that sense of fun that makes me want to watch it again and again. Hopefully, Warner Brothers can have better luck with Suicide Squad.”

Michael Devaney, comic book reviewer

“Although I left the theater with mixed feelings about the Batman v Superman movie, I did enjoy it. Its darker tone was different from what I was expecting, but it aptly depicted what a real-world DC universe-where the good guys don’t always play nice might be like. I also appreciated Eisenberg’s performance as Luthor and by movie’s end, we were all set up for the Justice League as the next movie installment.”

Ryan Lower, News writer and comic book reviewer

Batman v Superman delivered on a number of levels. The scale, the action, the drama, and even planting the seeds for the DCEU. Ben Affleck’s take on the Dark Knight was appropriate and a force to be reckoned with. Cavill was once again stellar, cementing his spot as my favorite Man of Steel. Gal Gadot, though somewhat brief, has an awesome entrance. Supporting cast was stellar (Jesse Eisenberg steals the show). Sure, some pacing seemed a little off, but I really liked this movie.”

Josh Mundy, Podcaster

Batman v Superman told the story of two epic characters clashing in a gritty real world with daring consequences. Accompanied by a stellar score and cast, the movie nails the thematic elements that take the movie beyond the genre itself. Snyder’s distinct visuals are incredible, yet some spotty editing keeps the movie from excelling to a higher score. Affleck and Gadot are welcome additions, with Eisenberg nailing the character of Luthor, if not the portrayal, and the introduction of the JL gets us ready for the next installment.”

Luke Wongsuwan, News writer

“Zack Snyder is a stylistic auteur of comic book films, and Batman v Superman has his mark all over it. Epic wide shots, tense slow-motion, emotive close-ups, and much more comprise this film’s densely dark, large-scale style and scope. Ben Affleck broods as the Bat, Henry Cavill radiates as Superman, and Jesse Eisenberg provocatively captivates as Lex Luthor. The plot burns quite slowly, laying the foundation for topics such as: the moral implications of Superman’s intervention on earth, Batman’s enmity towards Superman, Luthor’s devious machinations, Lois’ quest for the truth, and more. Viewers expecting either a three hour fight-fest or The Dark Knight will be brutally disappointed because Batman v Superman is a unique beast that marches to its own drum.”

Adam Poncharoensub, Assistant editor

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is bogged down by a strongly misguided attempt to create a whole cinematic universe as well as string together too many of the best comic book stories around for a very big movie that didn’t go very far. In the end, I’m happy with the end result and I’m happy that it exists. We have a near-perfect Wonder Woman (the jury is still out on Diana) and we have the best live-action Batman (and Bruce Wayne) ever. I look forward to a DC cinematic universe.”

Eric Joseph, Editor-in-chief

“…Not only did the film exceed my expectations, it far surpassed them. In no way do I mean to sound like I’m pandering, but Zack Snyder pretty much made my dreams come true… If you are expecting a two-hour popcorn adventure that showcases little more than guys in tights punching things, this simply isn’t it. Zack Snyder made a film that focuses on character – and Chris Terrio wrote each one of them perfectly, as if they were ripped straight from a comic book… While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the spiritual successor to Man of Steel and the precursor to Justice League, it capably stands on its own. This is a great building block for the DC Extended Universe… The dream is just beginning.”

Read Eric Joseph’s full review here.

Damian Fasciani, Site owner

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a unique story that has a blend across multiple characters and plots, setting fans up for one hell of a ride for the next five or so years… This film should be seen as a celebration of what we have come to love over the years, as children and into our adulthood. Zack Snyder and co have given us a great platform that will launch us into a cinematic universe like no other!”

Read Damian Fasciani’s full review here.

Taking averages from all of our writers’ scores out of 10, the aggregate score from the DKN team is:


Obviously, this  is just our opinion. The intention of this article was to simply provide another aggregate score provided by comic books fans… just like you. In the end, you should really just go to your local theatre and peep out the movie yourself, so you can form your own opinion. Once you’ve done that, let us know what you think. We’d love go hear from you guys.

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