Screen Junkies: Honest Trailers for ‘Batman’ (1989) & ‘Superman’ (1978)

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Screen Junkies presents Honest Trailers for both Batman (1989) and Superman (1978).  Honest Trailers are typically good-natured satirical videos that combine humorous and ironic narration with film footage to create unique film trailer experiences specifically designed to make you laugh your face off — but you probably already know what Honest Trailers are, and you know that they’re pretty darn funny and oftentimes, surprisingly accurate.

Anyway, we’ve got two Honest Trailers here — one for Burton’s Batman and one for Superman.  Furthermore, abiding by the spirit of Batman v Superman (2016), Screen Junkies is hosting a little competition of sorts, that pertains to the creation of a future Honest Trailer.  Basically, if the Batman (1989) Honest Trailer gets more views than the Superman (1978) Honest Trailer, then Screen Junkies will create a Batman Begins (2005) Honest Trailer; however, if the contrary is the case, then Screen Junkies will make a Superman Returns (2006) Honest Trailer.  So who will win — Batman or Superman?  Your views will decide the outcome.  Thus, pick an Honest Trailer to watch below.  We recommend voting for Batman, but let’s not get into politics.  Finally, as of 11:21am on 23 March 2016, Batman is in the lead, and is ahead by 20,000 views/votes.



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