Second Opinion: Justice League #48

by Alec Ward
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WriterGeoff Johns

Penciller: Jason Fabok


As the hype train keeps chugging along with us coming closer and closer to the upcoming Rebirth event from DC Comics, and with the majority of the world not really understanding what the event means, it seems that Geoff Johns is giving us a bit of a glimpse as to what might bring all of these changes. This month’s issue of Justice League brings us to the brink of the world’s total destruction as the League is confronted by some familiar foes and the “Darkseid War” takes another giant step towards the end of the universe as we know it.

I’ve said this in almost all of my reviews since “Darkseid War” started, but this whole arc has been a love letter to Jack Kirby and his creation of the New Gods – this issue is no different. I bring this up again, however, because this issue proved to me that this arc is, also, a love letter to every Crisis that DC has had. This point made factual by the return of the shadow people who originally showed up in Crisis on Infinite Earths and featuring characters from each pivotal story.

I won’t spoil anything in this review, as I’m trying to be a good little boy and keep that to a minimum, but this issue is the perfect example as to why this series has been one of my top favorites since it started in 2011. It successfully took a bit of a breather from the overall story by giving a little bit of an exposition dump while creating a pulse pounding finale in that so much happens, it took me three read-throughs to fully understand everything that happened. I would like to think I’m not a complete idiot, but there is so much presented in the final pages of this issue, that it could have filled up an entire second issue.

The art that Jason Fabok continues to be equally as amazing as the pacing and writing that Johns has put out. This book showcases Fabok’s flexibility with each issue and this month’s outing is no exception.

Simply said, this issue was another home run for the creative team. It continues to be the highlight of my pull list every month and I’m sincerely excited to see where this goes and how it leads to the massive Rebirth. 



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