Synopsis for ‘Gotham’ S2E14, ‘This Ball of Mud and Meanness’ Released

The Fox marketing train rides again. Even before the midseason premiere of Gotham airs, we’re already getting a synopsis for an episode that is 2 weeks out. At least, it’s kind of juicy.

Episode 14 of season 2 will be entitled, “The Ball of Mud and Meanness.” “Meanness?” Really? Couldn’t think of something else? I suppose it has relevance to the episode.

Read below:

“Alfred and Selina help Bruce on his quest to find his parents’ killer, Matches Malone (guest star Michael Bowen). Meanwhile, Gordon follows up with Edward Nygma on Kristen Kringle’s whereabouts and Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong) continues his treatment to reduce Penguin’s aggression.”

Looks like Matches Malone is making his appearance. Also, the guest stars list reveals that Lori Petty of Orange is the New Black and Tank Girl will be playing a character named Jeri. Also, Penguin’s mama, Carol Kane is making a return. I wonder.

This episode will air on March 4th on Fox.

Gotham returns tomorrow, February 29th, at 8PM, on Fox.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

Adam Poncharoensub is a blogger, movie critic, and Born-Again Batman fan. When he’s not chained to his desk writing, he likes to spend his days spreading the gospel of the Dark Knight in the treacherous suburbs of Miami or working under Dropping Loads Productions, where he co-hosts a comedy podcast and produces sketches.