Preview: Batman Europa #4

by Andrew Lococo
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Writer: Brian Azzarello and Mateo Casali

Penciller: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Gerald Parel

It’s taken ten years in the making, but here it is, Batman: Europa comes to a close as Batman and Joker make their final stand in Rome’s Coliseum. With Joker at his side, how can this team-up possibly fail as they fight for their lives against the effects of the Colossus virus?

BMEUR_Cv4_ds BMEUR_Cv4_1_25_var BMEUR_Cv4_Sketch_Var BMEUR_4_1 BMEUR_4_2 BMEUR_4_3 BMEUR_4_4 BMEUR_4_5 BMEUR_4_6

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