Review: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2

batman tmnt 2

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Freddie Williams II

The second of six issues in this dream crossover arrives in comic shops this week. Much like the first issue, it’s quite the stellar offering. James Tynion IV once again finds each character’s voice perfectly and Freddie Williams II provides page after page of eye candy.

We begin right where the previous issue left off with the big fight between Batman and the Turtles. As it turns out, the Dark Knight fends them off with relative ease, no prep time required. It’s Master Splinter, however, who provides a true challenge and goes to a stalemate with Batman. I’m not sure how well this will sit with TMNT fans, but this Batman fan was pleased.

Following the big duke-a-roo, it was pretty interesting to see how each Turtle reacted to meeting Batman: Michelangelo admires him, Donatello studies him, Leonardo analyzes him, and Raphael is quite skeptical of him. It made for a pretty entertaining few pages.

The mystery as to how TMNT and the Foot Clan arrived in the DC Universe is slowly being pieced together and we also find out our Heroes in a Half-Shell are in a bit of a race against the clock. You will have to read the issue to find out just what I’m talking about. At least we may see the big team-up next month.

While I didn’t feel this was the perfect “10” the first issue was, it’s still pretty freaking good. I’m wondering where Tynion will take the series next and how the shaky Shredder/Penguin alliance will pan out.



Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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