Vertigo Roundup: The Sheriff of Babylon #2 & Unfollow #3

sheriff 2

The Sheriff of Babylon #1

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mitch Gerads

This could very well be the ongoing title to watch from Vertigo in 2016. It has an incredibly authentic feel that is solidified by its smooth, realistic dialogue. This gripping crime drama, which contains elements of a political thriller, is a little more of a dense read than the first issue, but is so good that you won’t notice as you find yourself lost in Tom King’s masterpiece. Despite needing a more effective cliffhanger, I’m quite anxious to read the next issue.


unfollow 3

Unfollow #3

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Mike Dowling

In the latest issue of Unfollow, we finally make it to the island and start to get a sense of how truly sinister this story may be. Call this one at taste of what’s to come. The characters are so wonderfully different from each other, chief among which is Larry Ferrell, who is quite bizarre, yet insightful, in an evil sort of way. The cliffhanger doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but I am confident you may say “holy crap” when you come to it.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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