Review: Superman: Lois and Clark #2

by Eric Joseph
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superman lois and clark 2

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Penciller: Lee Weeks

This is one cool book.

With Superman having existed in pop culture for 77 years, it can be somewhat difficult to tell fresh stories featuring him. Luckily, Dan Jurgens, one of the definitive Superman writers of the past 25 years, has found an exciting new way to showcase the Man of Steel. Joined by artist Lee Weeks,  the result is a book that cannot be missed.

The premise of this book is that Pre-New 52 Superman and Lois Lane have been living in secrecy on the New 52/ DC You Earth all along. Having built a normal life, they decide to keep things low key to protect their son, Jon. It’s quite interesting that Jon doesn’t know the truth regarding his parents’ past and true identities. Still, he notices something strange is afoot and is very sharp for his young age. I guess the son of two investigative reporters would be inherently inquisitive.

Of course, Clark can’t help but help others. Knowing this world already has a Superman, he works from the shadows. This brings an awesome dynamic to the book. Seeing a stealthy Superman that is more of a scalpel than a blunt instrument was highly entertaining. Perhaps my love for stealth action/ spy games has carried over.

It also seems that this book is developing into somewhat of a conspiracy thriller. There’s quite a bit going on and I certainly won’t spoil all of it, but you will want to keep your eye on the shadowy group pursuing Lois and Jon.

Of all the books DC has launched this fall, this may be the one to keep an eye on. This family-focused conspiracy thriller/ sci-fi goulash is no doubt building to something big. I can’t recommend this book enough for those looking for something different from DC’s superhero line.


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