‘Arkham Insider’ Shows us Catwoman’s Revenge and Batfleck

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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By show of hands, who’s enjoying the Arkham Knight Season Pass? I know I am. Although I won’t find myself bringing the game to 100% completion, it’s been great fun playing the Arkham Episodes or free-roaming in a new suit or showing off a new ride.

The next big release for Arkham Knight is coming in just three days and Arkham Insider has the details on it.

On November 24th, we’re getting an Arkham Episode entitled “Catwoman’s Revenge,” in which our feline fatale gets revenge on the Riddler by robbing his stash. Like similar Arkham Episodes, it looks like it’s going to start Predator and end in Free-flow combat. After Arkham City, who wouldn’t want to crawl on the ceiling via incredibly impossible leaps into the air?

The Arkham Episodes have been fun, but incredibly short thus far. The only one with any real depth to it was Batgirl’s story mission, “A Matter of Family,” which had decent replayability and a really dark backstory characteristic of the Arkham franchise.

Next, we’ve got the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile skin and Batsuit. BATFLECK! WE CAN PLAY AS BATFLECK! That’s going great for some, but disappointing for others. The track looks interesting and I’d definitely like to see what goodies they’ve added in there. Hopefully, it plays out like a Batmobile museum.

If you don’t have the Season Pass, you can still pick up “Catwoman’s Revenge” and the BvS skins for a $1.99 each on November 24th.

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