DC Collectibles Q&A Update On Greg Capullo Figures & More

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DC Collectibles did a Q&A over the week for fans and had an update on the status of the 7 inch tall Two-Face figure based off artist Greg Capullo’s work. They also revealed two other figures that had only been seen at SDCC by the press.

You can read excerpts from the Q&A below:

Ləę Møřrełl asks if DC Collectibles is planning a subscription box similar to some of the Funko and Loot Crate versions out there.

While we don’t have a specific DC Collectibles box planned, you can get an exclusive wooden Joker figure in the August Loot Crate box! He goes great with our Superman and Batman wooden figures and allows change-ups with even more parts.



Derek Cowen asks about the delayed Greg Capullo Designer Two-Face action figure.

We apologize for the long delay with the figure. We needed the figure to be of the same standard as the rest of the line, which caused a production delay, which was then compounded by a shipping delay. The good news is that the figure will be out in stores before the end of the year. So look for him in December in your favorite store or online.

Yeah, we know that doesn’t make the delay any easier to bear. So to make up for it a little bit, here are all-new images of the previously unseen Flash and Survival Suit Batman for the future Capullo Designer line. Look for those two figures in the second half of 2016.

Khamis Clarke asks why some accessories for the new Icons action figure line have disappeared compared to the NY Toy Fair displays.

Sometimes we need to make decisions based on cost instead of creative. While we loved all the fun accessories we thought up, we had to cut a few items to make the figures affordable for our customers. Fear not! We haven’t given up on those pieces entirely and plan on releasing accessory packs in 2016 for the Icons line that will feature some of these “lost” items and new pieces that could work for lots of characters. We are very excited for the possibilities!

Well that is as much as we could get through this time around. We won’t have any big reveals at NY Comic-Con, but look for some big news at NY Toy Fair in February, 2016.


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