Looney Tunes Variant Covers Preview for Aquaman, Batman/Superman, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn

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This November, it looks like DC is teaming up with WB Animation to release some very cool variant covers. Following October’s Monsters variants, it looks like they are trying to lighten things up and bring about some other iconic characters that we all know and love. The Looney Tunes are short musical cartoons by WB dating back to the 30s. Those shorts included characters that eventually evolved into a worldwide franchise that rivaled that of the Disney characters and nowadays, most people are able to recount fond memories of watching these wacky characters play out on their tube TV. Honestly, who doesn’t know Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? WB has been working alongside DC for ages, bringing to life their roster of superheroes and villains for decades now, so it only makes sense that they would pull such an awesome marketing ploy.

In November, these titles will be featuring Looney Tunes variant covers:

Action Comics #46 by Neil Edwards, Jay Leiston, & Jeromy Cox and Warner Bros. Animation
Aquaman #46 by Ivan Reis & Brad Anderson and Warner Bros. Animation
Batman #46 by Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn  and Warner Bros. Animation
Batman Beyond #6 by Craig Rousseau and Warner Bros. Animation
Batman/Superman #26 by Ryan Sook and Warner Bros. Animation
Black Canary #6 by Pia Guerra and Warner Bros. Animation
Catwoman #46 by Darwyn Cooke and Warner Bros. Animation
Cyborg #5 by Cully Hamner and Warner Bros. Animation
Deathstroke #12 by Ryan Benjamin and Warner Bros. Animation
Detective Comics #46 by Ben Caldwell and Warner Bros. Animation
The Flash #46 by Francis Manapul and Warner Bros. Animation
Grayson #14 by Mikel Janin and Warner Bros. Animation
Green Arrow #46 by Kevin Nowlan and Warner Bros. Animation
Green Lantern #46 by Jorge Corona and Warner Bros. Animation
Harley Quinn #22 by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts and Warner Bros. Animation
Justice League #46 by Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair and Warner Bros. Animation
JLA #6 by Howard Porter & HI-FI and Warner Bros. Animation
Robin: Son of Batman #6 by Pat Gleason & Mick Gray and Warner Bros. Animation
Sinestro #17 by Dan Panosian and Warner Bros. Animation                            
Starfire #6 by Emanuela Lupacchino & Tomeu Morey and Warner Bros. Animation
New Suicide Squad #14 by Bill Sienkiewicz and Warner Bros. Animation                          
Superman #46 by Ryan Sook and Warner Bros. Animation                              
Superman/Wonder Woman #23 by Karl Kerschl and Warner Bros. Animation                                 
Teen Titans #14 by Joe Quinones and Warner Bros. Animation                                  
Wonder Woman #46 by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson and Warner Bros. Animation

Even better, Comicbook.com has the exclusive preview on 5 variant covers. One of them happens to be a tribute to a comic book cover that we all know and love.

Of the five previewed, by the far, the cover to Batman/Superman #26, the tribute to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Falls, is the best among them. Not only is it a great tribute to a very important cover, but it incorporates the Looney Tunes in a more natural way. All the other covers are clever, but the style of the comic book character clashes so hard with the style of the animated Looney Tunes that it looks strange and awkward. Let’s hope that the remainder of the covers are as good as Batman/Superman #26.

What do you think? Very cool and clever marketing tactic? Or disgrace to DC comics? Let me know.

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