DC Releases ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Adventure Worlds Trailer

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Last week, we got a look at the story trailer for LEGO Dimensions, which helped to explain just how LEGO Gandalf and LEGO Batman came to be hopping around the LEGO multiverse. While that trailer provided us with an idea of what we can expect in the main game, this week we got what can only be described as a blatant commercial for a new purchasable pack of content.

LEGO Dimensions is a game pretty much unlike any other LEGO game thus far. It’s a pretty ambitious project that strings together almost all the brands with which LEGO has had licenses into one epic game. To maintain maximum replayability and profitability, access to all your favorite franchises will be available via purchase.

DC has released the trailer for the Adventure Worlds pack, which will feature the DC Universe among others like Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons.

Take a look:


Looks pretty awesome. Not sure if I’m willing to shell out the sheckles for it yet, but I’d love to see Let’s Plays of it crop up on YouTube.

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