More People Saw The ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer than ‘BvS’

by Andrew Lococo
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In other news from Bizarro Earth, people are more curious about the trailer for a Suicide Squad film than they are for Batman v. Superman. Maybe it’s that star studded cast, or the fact that fan favorite bad guys Joker and Harley Quinn are in it. It’s possible Will Smith still has fans in spite of After Earth. Whatever the case might be, more people are watching the trailer for Suicide Squad than the SDCC trailer for Batman V. Superman, with the numbers being, at the moment, 36.6 million views in favor of Suicide Squad over BvS’s 35.2 million views.

Think about that for a moment. A roughly a million and a half youtube goers would rather see that than another precious sneak peak at the film that will have nerds arguing over who should have won for years to come. Perhaps fans are interested in something a little more morally gray than a superhero film, and are ready to start rooting for the bad guys. They might like the idea of a redemption for some characters or deadly missions by damned criminals. I seriously wouldn’t count out Harley and Joker’s popularity being so massive that not even the Dark Knight and The Man of Steel can fight them off.

People seem excited for Suicide Squad, and if nothing else, it’s because it’s a very different kind of Comic Book film. These are the bad guys, in a situation where there are no real heroes, just one side being slightly less reprehensible because they have someone holding their leash and driving their attention toward some more constructive criminal behavior. Remember, it’s not evil if Uncle Sam sends you on a Black Ops Suicide Mission to do something incredibly illegal. You can watch the trailer above and decide which one was better for yourselves.

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