Batman #39 Review

by Ryan Lower
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Synopsis: “Endgame” part 5. The Joker is back! The penultimate issue of the Clown Prince of Crime’s horrifying return! Plus, in the backup story, the inmates and Mahreen finally learn the truth about The Joker!

Let’s give a hand to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. They have crafted not only one of the best Joker stories of all time, but best Batman stories… ever. Nothing is safe in “Endgame” (sorry Alfred), and the creators are making sure of it. I think we all knew we were in for something special at the end of issue #35 when Superman revealed his ghastly grin.

superman batman 35

 This month, “Endgame” continues with the Joker’s attack on Gotham as Batman tries to find a cure.  Things get so desperate, the Dark Knight goes underground to visit the Court of Owls. Meanwhile, we see where the Clown Prince’s journey from last issue ends up, tying in quite nicely to certain elements from “Death of the Family”. Things don’t end well for Batman’s right hand man, a rally of the troops involves a few you wouldn’t think of, and we are left drooling with how this story can possibly end next month.

Snyder and Capullo have been the best part of DC comics since the launch of Batman #1. Snyder’s story mixed with Capullo’s art could arguably go down as one of, if not thee, best runs on the character. Seriously, their stories are that good… and “Endgame” could top them all. Of the five issues, Snyder has taken a different approach to tell his story. Issue #39 is no different, as we jump back and forth within a 4-hour time span. As a bonus, it doesn’t get confusing at any point. How thrilling/creepy/scary can a Batman/Joker story be without good art? No worries here as Capullo creates such a mood on every page, making you think twice about reading at night.

The backup story finally comes to a close this month with beauty. Until now, I didn’t feel the need for the extra 5 pages each month but I learned to be patient, and you should too. I won’t spoil it for anyone who has yet to read it (which you should be doing now!).

I find myself struggling each month to come up with a different way to describe this perfect title/team/story. This is what Batman is all about and I am already counting down the days until we get our conclusion on March 25th. Until then, this will have to do:

batman 40

Rating: 10/10

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