DC All Access: Top 10 ‘Batman: Arkham’ Cutscenes

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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By no means, am I gamer. I only ever play games associated with some of my fandoms and/or because the story is particularly interesting. One of my elitist gamer buddies constantly mocks me for playing on Easy mode because there is no challenge in it. The fact of the matter is that I don’t want a challenge. I play the game for the fun and challenges don’t entertain me. And above all, I just want to see how the story will unfold and anything hindering that like high difficulty will only defeat the purpose for me. Cutscenes are a major part of storytelling in games and I always strive for the next cutscene to further the story and witness the beautiful CGI. The Batman: Arkham series has had some beautiful cutscenes and it looks like DC All Access has compiled what they believe to be the top 10 cutscenes from the Arkham franchise.

There’s some gems in there, I have to say. There’s a few gems in the series that I feel like they missed out on, however. One of my favorite cutscenes in gaming history is in Arkham Asylum, when Batman is walking down a long corridor and slowly, he begins to hallucinate. He sees the corridor turning into an alley with garbage cans and crumpled pieces of paper falling around as thunder claps. Eventually, you are taken to Crime Alley, reliving the death of Martha and Thomas. However, considering this scene is playable, it may not be considered a cutscene.

Also, if they’re going for trailers, I would have to go with the one of the Arkham Origins TV spots involving the evolution of young Bruce Wayne. It was absolutely beautiful and completely captured the loneliness and anguish that Bruce likely dealt with growing up.

What do you think? Did they include all of your favorites? Are they missing some? Let me know.

Source – DC All Access

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