Fox Releases New Promo Clips for Gotham S1E15, ‘The Scarecrow’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Just like Oprah, Fox is giving so much away. We’ve got two new clips from the upcoming Gotham episode 15, entitled “The Scarecrow,” premiering this Monday, February 9th.

Last time, the show introduced us to an all too familiar villain obsessed with fear. He’s not quite who we expect him to be, but it’s an obvious set up. Also, Fish Mooney’s boat was invaded by Somali pirates, while the Penguin got away… from the trash compactor set up by Sal Maroni.

It seems that these clips don’t provide much for the plot of the episode (is Fox reading my articles?!), one of them provides a pretty big clue as to the outcome of a certain villainess.

In this clip, Alfred once again plays the irresponsible adult and allows Bruce to go somewhere by himself.

Last we saw Fish Mooney, she was pouncing on a Somali pirate. It seemed that Fish’s time was up and she was finally defeated. This clip shows us that yet again, like her namesake, she’s a slippery one. Though she talks a big game, I’m beginning to think that she really is just all talk. Also, am I the only person who likes this character?

Be sure to check out the conclusion to the Crane story arch this Monday, February 9th, at at 8/7C on Fox.

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