Fox Releases New Promo Clips from Gotham S1E14, ‘The Fearsome Dr. Crane’

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Not sure if Fox has faith in Gotham or not, because they’re constantly releasing promo clips that reveal pretty much half of the episode each time. The need to release such promotional material suggests that Fox is always nervous that it may not receive the ratings that Fox expects. Though I enjoy watching these promo clips myself, I can’t speak for people who dislike spoilers.

Regardless, we’ve got four new promo clips for this Tuesday’s episode, the first part of a two part arc. Episode 14 is entitled, “The Fearsome Dr. Crane.” Oooh…

This first clip shows that though Fish Mooney may be down, but she’s not out. At the conclusion of the episode, “What the Little Bird Told Him,” we witnessed the fall of Fish Mooney after her coup failed. Though it seemed like she had been defeated, I just felt like Fish is a character who always ensures that she has options and is rarely ever behind, so I knew immediately that this lady had something else up her sleeve. Glad to know that she’s using Penguin’s momentary hubris to her advantage.

This clip shows how Selina has been mooching off Barbara. It also references the messy makeshift breakup between Bruce and Selina from the previous episode. I also noticed that Selina has been going through Barbara’s makeup kit as well.

In this clip, we have Nygma being far too curious for his own good. We’ve seen Nygma come in and fondle corpses in the past, but how could the Medical Examiner just so happen to know that at that exact moment Nygma would have his hand up a dead man?

In this last clip, we have Gordon having a conversation with Captain Essen. Their heart-to-heart reveals that there’s more corruption going on because of plot.

Check out what part 1 of what seems to be Gotham‘s Scarecrow origin story. This is looking very promising.

Catch it this Tuesday, February 3rd at 8/7C on Fox.

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