Family Gets Batmobile Stroller

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Check out this awesome Batmobile Stroller from Tim Baker Creations!

A lucky father and son, Josh and Collin Earl, have received a fantastic and rather unbelievable creation — a Batmobile stroller, designed in the style of The Dark Knight trilogy’s Tumbler Batmobile.  A recent episode of the online show Super-Fan Builds showcases Tim Baker Creations’ replica of the Tumbler, which has been transposed to the function of a stroller for toddlers.

The Tumbler Stroller was hand crafted by Tim Baker Creations, and boasts a durable steel frame, plexi-glass windshield, and little details that make it a magnificent stroller for both Bat-dads and Bat-babies.

The father, Josh Earl, has adorned the majority of his home with Batman memorabilia, including, comics, posters, figures, and the like, but perhaps his collection required something relatively unique, possessing both functionality and awesomeness…

Watch the Super-Fan Builds episode to observe the Tumbler Stroller’s creation process, which is a handmade process that begins with 3D modeling on a computer, continues with specific cutting and reshaping of steel, and culminates in the fine-tuning of important details, all of which make for a visually and functionally stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Source: New York Daily News

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