BATMAN Artist Norm Breyfogle suffers stroke, Fundraiser launched.

by Damian Fasciani
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 Legendary Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle is known for his iconic art work. He drew from 1987-1993 looking after Detective Comics, and then from 1990-1992 he continued his brilliant work on the Batman series. In more recent times he has visually expressed the stories of Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger and Batman Beyond.
Unfortunately, on December 17th of this year Mr. Breyfogle suffered a stroke and as a result was hospitalised. His ex-wife sent an update out to his fans through his Facebook page. The message read:
This is Barb I’m norm’s ex from California. Norm won’t be answering any txt’s from you friends out there. Norm just had a stroke and is in the hospital. Please keep him in your thoughts and your prayers. At this point norm is expecting a full recovery but time will tell.
Post the events of his ex-wife sending the above message, Mr Breyfogle was since moved to a caring facility upper Michigan next to his family. 
His whole left side is paralyzed and he fears not being able to walk or even draw ever again. since he draws with his left hand. But, at the same time he is trying to keep positive and wants to get better.
With the mounting medical expenses of being cared for, his family and friends have started a fundraiser that you can donate to which can be found here.
Gerry Conway has also called out to DC Comics (his ex-employer) to help with the cause.
Dark Knight News would like to take make a special mention of the type of person Mr. Breyfogle is with our very own writer, Adam Prince having met him three years ago. He took the time out to connect with Adam, sharing stories of comics, the industry and much more while also taking a host of photos together. Here are a few: 
Adam Prince as Batman
Sharing fun times!

 In 2012 Adam Prince again met with Mr. Breyfogle, interviewing him at Geek Media Expo 2012. Adam Prince explains that that the iconic artist is just, “super friendly”.
Our Editor-in-chief, Eric Joseph, had his copy of ‘Batman: Knightfall Book 1 – Broken Bat’ signed by Mr. Breyfogle at Detroit Fanfare Comic Con 2013.
We would like to wish Mr. Breyfogle all the best and a quick recovery while in the care of his family and friends. The iconic 80’s Batman artist has touched our lives in so many ways, we ask you to please donate to his fund and help the legend get back to doing what he loves best, putting a smile on our faces.
Source: newsarama


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