Fox Releases Previews for Midseason Finale of Gotham TV Series

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TV is a weird place. Apparently, networks believe that midseason breaks are totally necessary. In the case of Gotham, it makes sense. If I remember correctly, Gotham was picked up for a full season midway through the airing of the first few episodes. They’re going to need the time to shoot more stuff.

In the meantime, Fox is releasing five promos for the midseason finale premiering tomorrow, 11/24/2014 at 8/7c. This episode is entitled “Lovecraft.”

Take a look:

In this clip, we discover that tough attitude and cockney accent isn’t all for show. We see Alfred seriously taking care of business.


Alfred shouts at two grown men bickering at each other.


We meet Poison Ivy Pepper once again. She’s much more developed and boisterous in this episode. Also, Selina gets a bit territorial over Bruce.


Ben McKenzie overacts and screams at Dent in this clip


Lots of good acting from the B plot over here. Don Falcone does not seem like someone you should trifle with.


Interesting stuff. I anticipate a decent amount of screaming in this episode. The new look at Ivy seems to be the pick of the litter here. If Selina seems intimidated by her, who knows what she’s capable of.

Check out the midseason finale tomorrow on Fox.

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