Arkham Knight Batman Statue Available March 2015

by Luke Wongsuwan
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DC Collectibles’ Arkham Knight Batman statue will become available in March 2015, and it displays the functional, battle-ready Bat-suit in all of it’s armored glory.  The Bat-statue, scaled down to 9.5 inches, is a part of the March 2015 DC Collectibles solicitations that included figures of Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Gordon, and more.  This particular Arkham Knight statue would set you back by $124.95, the price to pay if you desire this Kevin Conroy’d Bat-friend to stand next to your home computer, atop your desk, and ready to protect your room from vile villains that stand nine inches tall or less…or you could keep it inside its original packaging, and sell it for a small fortune in a few years.   Additionally, we don’t yet know if the Arkham Knight video game will precede or succeed the release of this statue, but regardless, toy/figure/statue collectors will have something to look forward to until next March.

arkham knight statue

A functional, combat-ready Bat-suit, in the form of a 9.5-inch DC Collectible statue

Nice shin guards…glad they aren’t “hockey pads!”


Source: Game Informer

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