UPDATE! Rumor: Jason Momoa is Aquaman in ‘Batman v. Superman’

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UPDATE: Apparently, Jason Momoa has posted to his official Instagram. Two pictures have appeared on there, both of which features our would-be King of Atlantis cradling a pitchfork. The problem here is that folks are picking up these photos and reporting them as either his response to the casting news or a first glimpse of Aquaman in BvS. The caption for the first photo names the weapon as “Grandpa Diablo’s pitchfork.” Despite Momoa calling the tool a pitchfork, folks believe that Momoa is simply being coy and they believe that it is in fact a reference to Aquaman’s trademark trident.

I don’t believe it for a second, especially since the second one has him flipping the bird. But I figure that I should at least post it on here for you lovely readers to take a look and come to your own conclusions:

Are you as sick of this rumor as I am? Come with me as I guide you through a long and tenuous history that is Jason’s Momoa’s involvement in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Way back in December, Jason Momoa, known for the recent Conan the Barbarian and a brief stint on Game of Thrones, was in talks for an undisclosed role in Batman v. Superman. Back then, the rumor mill spun out possible roles like Doomsday and Martian Manhunter. A month later, Momoa outright denied any involvement with BvS, claiming it was an offhand comment that spiraled out of control on the Internet. A week later, we reported that the rumored role was actually supposed to be Aquaman, which was a somewhat baffling rumor considering that it conflicted with Bill “Jet” Ramey’s (of Batman-On-Film) report that Aquaman would not be appearing.  Confused yet?


Here’s a quick synopsis: Momoa was in talks, but Momoa says he’s not involved. Momoa was supposed to play Aquaman, but supposedly no Aquaman in film. Simple enough? Can we please put this rumor to bed? Nope. Three months later, it was reported that Momoa had signed on for a role in BvS and had already done so for a couple of months, but the role was still unconfirmed.

The big news coming out of yesterday is that Momoa is Aquaman. Drew McSweeney of HitFix is confirming to the general populace that the King of Atlantis will be played by Baywatch‘s Jason Ioane. It has not been officially announced yet, but McSweeney is confirming the casting. Accordingly, Aquaman (name not confirmed) will be appearing in a small role. How will he fit into all this? Well, the World Engine from Man of Steel, of course. Apparently, the Atlantean is unhappy with the effects of the World Engine on the Indian Ocean. But wait, I thought Ramey said that there was no Aquaman? My guess is that a lot changed with Chris Terrio’s revision.


McSweeney has built up a relatively reliable name on the Internet, not often known for spewing bullcrap simply to garner hits. However, it’s a bit sketchy that WB has not made any official announcement and is not behind this confirmation. With any cast announcement, even if it is through one of the Hollywood rags, it is done in some sort of official capacity. Until official word from WB comes out, DKN will be treating this news as a rumor. This decision is due in part to the insurmountable number of rumors that inundates the Internet on a daily basis of which we are all sick. In the meantime, DKN suggests to put some salt on it and wait for the official word.

Do you believe it? Is Momoa right for Aquaman? Or is there someone you believe would better fit the role? Let me know.

Source – HitFix

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