Rumor: Superman, Damian Wayne and Others to Appear in Batman Arkham Knight

Now that the release date of Batman: Arkham Knight has been settled for a definitive 2014 release date, I can rest easy. Since then, no real plot details have been revealed, but we have received word of confirmed character appearances. Man Bat remains a popular one considering the voice talent behind him in Dee Bradley Baker, known for uttering some of the strangest noises ever heard. Though technically there is no official word, there’s just the constantly revised IMDB page that lists Baker as Man Bat.

The Batman: Arkham Knight IMDB page has been making Internet headlines as of late due to the constant revisions it has been undergoing. Batfans and gamers have apparently been closely monitoring the page and noticed several changes that have added and subtracted various roles and attached actors. The Internet Movie Database is an a online source for the cast and crew of movies, actors, and random little tidbits for the entertainment business, not just limited to movies.

The recent change included a couple of very interesting roles. Both Damian Wayne and Superman were listed as rumored characters on the docket. At that point in the IMDB page’s history, Superman would have been played by George Newbern, famous for playing the character in the DCAU alternatively with Tim Daly, more specifically for Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. A welcome return, I’d imagine.



Damian Wayne, however, had a more controversial choice listed. Instead of Stuart Allan, the voice actor who played the young assassin in Son of Batman, the IMDB page listed Scott Menville. Menville has history with the Robin character in the divisive Cartoon Network series Teen Titans. While I was very much a fan of the series, the series remains contentious for many comic book readers for its comedic take on the team and childish interpretations of characters like Starfire.


Unfortunately, since I first peeked at the IMDB page, it has undergone yet another revision and has since taken down all the rumored roles and even more unfortunate is that I can only remember Damian Wayne and Supes. Apparently, the rumored roles were Calendar Man and Azrael, presumably to conclude a couple hanging plot threads from Arkham City.

I’d be anxious to know exactly how Supes fits into all this and would love a crazy boss fight with a rampaging Superman under some sort of mind control. I’m a lot less enthused about Damian Wayne though, but I suppose it’s the logical progression after they revealed the Red Robin skin in Arkham City. I’d just prefer Red Hood over Damian.

You can’t keep enough salt around you. Since this is IMDB, most folks have access to the page and any old troll could have easily added those characters to rile up some fans. Remember, this is a rumor.

Source – IMDB (Rumored roles were taken down. Via International Business Times)

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