Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin – A Heavyweight Hit!

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One of the Dark Knight’s more popular enemies in recent times is Deathstroke. With his role in the latest Batman game, Arkham Origins, and the critical nature of the character in the hit show Arrow, he seems to be consuming talk and excitement across the web. The momentum is picking up pace and is about to hit fever pitch with this all conjuring short film, “Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin.” Put together by Going Nowhere Productions. (short film – bottom of this review)

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.39.54 pmThe film has drawn inspiration from Batman Arkham Origins with the story being centered around Black Mask wanting to take out the Bat once and for all. With a bounty on the Dark Knight’s head, all efforts thus far have fallen short. Black Mask loses his cool and takes it out on his crew who haven’t executed as instructed.

Deathstroke then enters the room.

The tone and setting are set with a cooling effect blue that has been overlaid on the picture which provides a smooth transition between sequences. The camera work, angles, and editing are all of a great standard. The strategy employed on the focus and zoom shots ensures you are locked into specific elements of the story and keeps you fixed to the screen. The balance between CGI (computer generated images) and stunt work has been set and well placed throughout the story.

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Deathstroke sets the mood by demanding double the bounty what Black Mask is offering, he wants the money upfront and commits to killing the Batman that night. A bold statement. Then, he backs up his promise with action committing to beating Black Mask’s men inside a five-minute window. If he can do that then Black Mask will talk to him about head hunting the Batman.

Black Mask instructs his men to try take out Deathstroke, with the big boss sitting on his desk watching from a distance as the action unfolds, this becomes the most entertaining component of the film.


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The fight choreographed sequences have been put together to deliver a heavyweight punch! A combination of slow motion-to-sped up sequences have been cleverly crafted to ensure that you get taken on the ultimate ride seeing just how dangerous Deathstroke really is. The tone of his voice is a true representation of a man who is fixated on take down the Batman. Nothing else matters.

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A brilliant short film that has all the right blends of dialogue, action, and originality.

Enjoy the show at the link in the source!

Directed By

Chris White & Larry White

Deathstroke: Spencer Mulligan
Black Mask:  Jason Edelstein

Deathstroke & Black Mask – Jason Marnocha

Source: Going Nowhere Show

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