Robin Rises?

by Ryan Lower
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Robin is returning to the DC world, we just don’t know which one it will be. Most of us instantly think of Damian, who was killed last year in Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated . Since his death, the Batman & Robin title has switched out the Robin for Two-Face, Aquaman and even Wonder Woman. This July, however, it’ll come full circle… at least the title’s author Peter J. Tomasi says so.

“This has all been an organic uber-story and all the moments [readers] have spent with the character will pay off as Pat, Andy and I serve our only purpose, which is to honor the actual title of the book so everyone can be invested in the roller coaster ride, whether you’re new to the party or already scrunched up in the corner.”

Robin Rises: Omega will be 38 pages long, and leads directly into Batman and Robin #33 (see covers below).

robin rises                   robin rises2


Robin Rises is obviously being hush-hush so we can all be surprised this summer with the return of (insert name here), but Tomasi guarantees a return of Batman’s sidekick for his 75th anniversary.

I’m just not into it and am not looking forward to it. I’ll read a good Batman story, sidekick or not, and don’t need ANOTHER return to persuade me to read it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Damian anyway (that’s where I’m putting my money).

So you can bet Dark Knight News will be all over this… just don’t bet on me loving it.

Source: Newsarama

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