Son of Batman Blu Ray Details

by Ryan Lower
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Justice League: War isn’t even out yet, and Warner Bros. is already shedding out details on its next DC Animated film, Son of Batman. Many of us batfans already know the film is based on Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s graphic novel Batman and Son that kicked off Morrison’s long run on the Batman title. In the film, Batman learns that he and Talia al Ghul have a willful pre-teen son, Damian, who was secretly raised by the League of Assasin’s terrorist organization run by Ra’s al Ghul. The animated feature will be released May 6, and the blu-ray’s list of bonus features are now known.

Included in the set, in addition to the film are:

  • Strange Blood Ties
  • Damian Wayne, The Fang, and the Demon Head: The League of Assasins
  • Designing the Characters with Phil Bourassa
  • A Sneak Peek at the next DCU Original Movie Batman: Assault on Arkham Asylum
  • Masterpiece: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Sneak Peek
  • Four “From the DC Comics Vault” Bonus Cartoons

What do you think? Are those enough features for you to spend the extra dough on the blu-ray? For me, it’s no question… even thought I’m STILL on the fence about Damian.



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