Batman #28 Cover Revealed

by Ryan Lower
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Batfans were surprised last month when Batman writer Scott Snyder announced Batman #28 will actually be pushed back a month to Batman #29, and issue #28 will be a “flash forward” in a sense. Now, the cover of the “Spoiler Issue” has been revealed, and there are many ways to interpret its meaning.



It doesn’t give away much… or does it? Does Batman get arrested? Does he hold the keys to unlocking the city? Does Gotham think so highly of The Dark Knight that they are now creating batkeys?

The extra-sized issue hits comic book shelves February 12 with a price tag of $3.99, but with Snyder, he’s delivered for the extra buck a month. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, “Zero Year” continues with Batman #27 next Wednesday, also for $3.99.

Source: Newsarama


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