Val Kilmer Has an Idea for a Batman Movie that Will Reunite the Batman Actors, but Kill Off Christian Bale

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Val Kilmer recently spoke with a UK newspaper about an idea he has to reunite the most recent actors to don the cape and cowl.

Val Kilmer, as far as I’ve heard, doesn’t get too much attention for being Batman. He’s not as celebrated as Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, or even Adam West, but he certainly doesn’t get as much derision as George Clooney. For me, however, with Batman Forever being the first Batman movie I saw in its entirety, I’ve always enjoyed Kilmer’s take on the Dark Knight. However, as far as Batman portrayals go, I’m not particularly fond of any of the live-action players. In fact, the only actor that I really love as Batman is Kevin Conroy, with Bruce Greenwood as a close second.


Regardless, Kilmer spoke to a UK newspaper, about a couple weeks ago (Yeah, it may be relatively old, but I feel like it’s definitely worth sharing), and decided to pitch his own idea to reunite all the recent Batman live-action players. He said, “I think Christian Bale should get killed right away – just because I think it would be funny.  Then Michael, George and I can carry on as the bad guys against the new Batman.”

You think Kilmer harboring some resentment for the most successful Batman actor?

This idea makes me laugh, not so much because I find it funny, but more so because I’m confused and a little uncomfortable. Now, I’ve got a few theories about this comment. You tell me which one makes the most sense. 1) He genuinely believes this is a good idea, which makes me question how well Kilmer is. 2) He’s a little desperate to make headlines, so he’s just saying anything controversial to get the media’s attention (I know, I’m guilty of it too). 3) He’s just joking. A lot of news sites are willing to jump the gun and print something if they know it’ll attract readers (yeah, yeah, I get it, I’m contributing to it).

My money’s on the fact that it’s a joke. What do you think?

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