Meanwhile…Forever Evil #2

by Carlos Cabaleiro
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SPOILER WARNINGS! A lot of really cool moments happen weekly in comics. Given the number of titles related to the Dark Knight, it’s kinda hard to follow them all. Every week I’ll recap what I consider the coolest, most memorable moment in the DC Bat-Universe. With that said, please know that these articles will contain SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

After a month-long barrage of bad guys (DC’s Villains Month) we finally get to the second issue of Forever Evil. While I was impressed with Geoff John’s juggling of all the characters in this issue (almost a dozen characters have dialogue and are all critical to the plot moving forward) the book did very little to actually move the story forward. The art of David Finch was somewhere between awesome and awesomely generic (similar faces on characters with little to no backgrounds). Issues with the book aside, the coolest Bat-moment happened within the pages of this comic.

That’s right, BATMAN survived. Whatever tragedy befell the combined Justice Leagues, Batman made it out alive. Why? Because he’s Batman.

All kidding aside, I’m really curious to see how the Dark Knight, Catwoman and Cyborg all got out of the Crime Syndicate’s grasp. This reveal should have not come to a surprise to anyone who’s a fan of the character (yet somehow, it surprised me). I guess this answers all the speculation on who is the man in the bat-costume is in several Forever Evil solicits.

Did this blow you away or did something else strike you as a bigger Bat-related moment in last weeks DC Comics? Let us know. Post your comments below or visit our Facebook page.


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