DC Gives Us A Look Into Arkham War

by Gilbert Rivera
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With villains month wrapping up this week, a few titles will be launching to deal with the fallout of those events, as well as the ones taking place in Forever Evil.  Arkham War is the Gotham-centric title, and DC is giving us a first look inside.


This fall, the world of FOREVER EVIL expands as a Batman-less Gotham serves as the setting for a war that will turn the city inside out. Written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Scott Eaton and Jaime Mendoza, FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR is a limited 6-issue series that launches next month.

“The main characters of ARKHAM WAR are Bane and Scarecrow, each one leading their respective army against the other for control of Gotham in their own inimitable ways. The Bane and Scarecrow one-shots set up their master plans and lead directly into ARKHAM WAR. And I’m pulling outta the toy chest an amazing amount of villains and using exactly who serves the story I wanna tell with even a surprise or two!” Tomasi told MTV GEEK when they exclusively announced the miniseries earlier this summer.

“Arkham War boiled down to its essence is the two sides of Gotham’s villainy, power and psychosis, drawn together into a violent and brutal conflict and show that without its legendary protector, even a dark city like Gotham in the best of times, without Batman, would fall right over into the abyss,” the writer continued.


This series looks to be very promising, but what do you think? Will you be picking it up?

Source – DC Comics


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