Justin Bieber Cast As Robin?

Will Bieber be the next live-action Robin? Click the jump to see more.

Yes, yes, yes!  Anyone have Batman and Robin flashbacks yet?  Yes?  Good!  Because the latest rumor, with some actual legit (alledged) proof has it that Justin Bieber has either read and/or been cast as the Boy Wonder in Batman vs Superman.  Still not a beliber?  Well check it out below.


If this turns out to be true, this reinforces my belief that this will be the most epic movie of 2015. This is perfect for WB/DC to generate even more buzz and get butts in seats. This is just great marketing.  It might even seal the deal in dethroning Avengers and Marvel and hyping people up for Justice League. What do you think?  Sick and twisted Friday the 13th joke or something more?

Source: Bieber’s Instagram