Preview: Batman 23.3: The Penguin

You know, reading this preview makes me me recall why the Penguin is always in my top three favorite Batman rogues. He’s the kind of evil you know. He’s not insane, overly cruel, or prone to fits of violence. However he is greedy, arrogant, vindictive against those who have wronged him, and utterly ruthless to get what he wants. A mob boss in every sense of the word, just one with a weird face and fondness for birds. That’s why I love him so much, because even though he can be written as a gimmicky bad guy, he’s still very much a tie to Batman’s past efforts in taking out organized crime. You can’t put him away in Arkham, and if you try to put him in jail, he’ll beat the charges. This is why Batman uses him more as a contact or a means to an end for the criminal underbelly than putting him away most of the time. Penguin is not an enemy unless Batman directly interferes with his plans, and Batman does not crack down on him so long as Penguin doesn’t get too dark and filthy in his dealings. That’s what makes their relationship so great and interesting.  Batman 23.3 will be out next week, so be sure to pick it up.

Source: MTV Geek