Life Sized Joker Bust Preview

Ha-ha-ha-he-he-ho-ho-ha. Ever want your own personal life sized Joker bust in your room? Well it’s coming, whether you want it or not thanks to the people over at Slideshow Collectibles. This bust is equal parts the stuff of comic fan dreams and nightmares just from the brief preview up on Youtube. It’s just a work in progress so far, but the work done is amazing so far. The Joker is lovingly recreated in his full glory. The Clown Prince of Crime’s visage is done up in a full size, so if you ever wanted a 1:1 Joker head in your own personal Batcave like the Batman dreams about every night, then here’s your chance to have one. Personally, what really sells on me on this bust is the grin. The twisted, gnarled clown grin makes you feel uncomfortable.

Source: Youtube

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