Snyder and Capullo Tease More from Zero Year

by Gilbert Rivera
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This weekend saw many a Bat-fan’s wishes come true as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo teased their hard work on Batman: Zero Year.

First, on Saturday, Capullo kicked things off when he tweeted this image:


Followed by this tweet:


This scene should look familiar to all of us, and is it me, or does it seem more Detective Comics #33, and less Miller’s Year One.


Detective Comics #33


Year One

Then, on Sunday, Snyder also took to twitter to drop some tantalizing morsels:



He also seemingly confirmed the older source references with these tweets:



Purple Gloves! Much like the ones Batman had in his very first appearance.

og bat

Detective Comics #27

Personally I think its great to see that they are clearly taking inspiration from The dark Knight’s first issues of Detective Comics, and cannot wait to see what other surprises these two have for us.  But what do you all think? Let us know with your comments below, like us on Facebook, and follow our Twitter @DKNewsCom!

Sources – @SSnyder1835@GregCapullo

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