Wayne Enterprises Looking For Investors?

by Gilbert Rivera
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Archer Ltd, has received a call, and it may have been through a red phone.  During their First Quarter Earnings call, several of the company’s execs spoke to a man identifying himself as “Bruce Wayne,” who was calling seeking financial backers.


From the Earnings Call Transcript:

We will now take a question from Bruce Wayne with Wayne Enterprises. Please go ahead.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Hello? Hello there.

Lars Bethuelsen – Archer Limited – SVP, M&A and IR
Hello, Bruce. We can hear you.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Hi, there. This is Bruce Wayne. I have a question for you guys. So I was wondering, given your financial situation, if you guys would be willing to invest in some technology I’m developing.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
I think we will still find money if we find the right technology to invest in. I think we have a very good, on the Oil Tools side of the business, internal R&D team and so the investment is — should also be looked upon as just attracting talented engineers to continue that run.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Do you feel that you have engineers that can work my specifications, because I’m facing super-villains, so I need specific technical expertise.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
I’m a little bit — there’s a big echo on the line. I’m sorry, can you repeat the question?

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
No, what it is is that a lot of my technology was damaged. I was obviously recently in battles with Bane, the Joker, so I just want to know if you guys can invest in some technology I’m developing.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
Okay, Bruce, we are currently investing currently in technology in Oil Tools and in Wireline. We have various technologies where we’ve invested over [a] couple of years and we will continue to do so going forward. Bertrand, can you move on to the next caller, please?


As you can tell from the transcript, these execs did not initially catch on (if at all) that this was just a Batman-themed prank call; and while the whole thing was a little silly, it should be noted that most of these meetings are closed off to the public, meaning that the caller potentially has some stock in the company.  If he paid to be able to call in as “Bruce Wayne,” I say we throw some money his way, because clearly this is a man with a plan.  What do you all think? Let us know with your comments below, like us on Facebook, and follow our Twitter @DKNewsCom!

Source – Deal Breaker

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