Man Of Steel Sequel AND a Justice League Movie

by Michael Spiteri
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Hardly surprising, however, now we have an official report: Warner Brothers has practically resigned Zack Snyder (Director) and David Goyer (ScreenWriter) to deliver on both the Man of Steel sequel and a Justice League movie.

It has also been revealed that Goyer’s original deal was part of a bigger one: When he signed for Man of Steel, he also signed for the sequel and the aforementioned and long awaited Justice League film.

Christopher Nolan’s role in these future movies is yet to be confirmed. For Man Of Steel, he took the role of Producer, Story Co-Writer and Mentor. However, it has been generally reported that his role in these future movies will not be as involved as in this one. Nolan does have other projects to fulfill in the end (ex: Interstellar, set for a 2014 release).

The inevitable conversation with fan-boys is who will be the main villain in the Man Of Steel sequel: Bizarro, Darkseid, Doomsday, or another villain?

Man Of Steel opens on 14th June.

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Sources: Deadline

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