DC Collectibles Reveals First Look at Bane in Arkham Origins

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DC Collectibles unveils the first series of figures from Batman: Arkham Origins, revealing the look of Bane. Click the jump to see more.

Though I may have been weary of Arkham Origins at first, due to a number of reasons that I’ve explicitly stated several times in the past, that first trailer successfully won me over. Though we haven’t quite gotten any gameplay footage yet, it seems like it’s at least going to be thrilling to watch the CG cutscenes. So far the trailer confirms Deathstroke, Black Mask, and Deadshot, while random pieces of marketing material has confirmed the Joker among other people, and most recently Bane.

It was interesting trying to compare the Joker from Arkham Asylum and City to this younger Joker, with the most prominent feature so far being that Joker’s hairline has receded over the years. And strangely, WB Montreal has decided to make him look even more manic and menacing. Is that even possible? That toothier, more insane grin seems to suggests so.

Bane, however, has been largely absent until this morning when DC Collectibles’ first series of figures from the Batman: Arkham Origins was unveiled. And I’m digging the look of Bane. He’s a hulking mammoth of a dude, but still believable. He’s definitely not that monstrous and mountainous, tiny-headed man that we see in the previous Arkham games. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bane’s look in the previous games, but as was recently announced, with Origins, WB Montreal is looking to up the ante in the crimefighter aspect of Batman’s mythos, therefore it just makes sense to go this route with Bane. WB Montreal have struck a pretty cool balance between comic booky and realism, with him just being an average, albeit very large guy who’s probably taking some crazy, illegal steroids. I mean, he’s sporting the tactical vest from Dark Knight Rises, while also sporting that infamous luchador mask as well as the interconnecting tubes of venom. Take a look: ArkhamOrigins_Series1--415x615 So far the faces aren’t 100% accurate to what we’ve seen with the Joker and Black Mask, so hopefully Bane doesn’t look as weird as he does in these figures. At $25 a pop, these will be out in October. Also, in terms of higher end Batman toys, if you like what you’ve seen from Infinite Crisis thus far, DC Collectibles is also releasing Nightmare Batman, among other alternate dimension versions of our favorite Justice Leaguers. Take a look: InfiniteCrisis_Batman_1194111--415x615 Do you like what WB Montreal have done to Bane? Will you be picking these up in October? Let me know.

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Source – NY Post

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