Arkham Asylum: Bane vs. Batman Figure Coming November 2013

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Batman: Arkham Asylum, a hit Batman video game which spawned a sequel and an upcoming prequel, was released in 2009, and clearly still has a following of fans and appreciators.  Hence, one can imagine that figure collectors/admirers who adored Arkham Asylum will salivate over the upcoming Batman vs. Bane figure set.  Perhaps the set can be placed on your cluttered desk, where you will constantly be reminded of that first dreadful Arkham encounter with Bane, whom you had to stun with trusty Batarangs as he charged at you, until he crashed into walls numerous times, leaving a window of time during which the stunned villain could be punched and pummeled.  Even if you’ve never played Arkham Asylum, or are just not interested in video games, this figure set should please you if you are a fan of Bane and Bats.  Just don’t try to pull a Knightfall by attempting to snap your little Bat-figure in half!  Pre-orders are available at Bobble Bud and other sites.

bane vs the bat

Bane may have broken the Bat, but you’ll regret it if you break these figures!

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Source: Bobble Bud


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