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teen-titans-3bad720First off I will admit I know nothing about HeroClixs  miniature games but for all of you that enjoy the game good news. Over at Action Figure Insider they posted pictures of WizKids latest expansion of HeroClix, Teen Titans figures.  AFI gives you detail on what you see below.

The set is available in 4 options. 3 are blind purchases: 5 figure boosters, super boosters, single figure packs. The last is a “Fast Forces” set, a clear blister which shows you the 6 figures you get and comes with a 2 sided map. Although the characters and sculpts overlap, the dials in each subset are unique. The superboosters include either a “team base” with 3 pieces special to the base or a colossal figure.


The new set includes avast array of Teen Titans and their enemies from across the years.  Teen Titans members from 60′s (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad) to the 80′s (Raven, Starfire) to modern day (Red Robin, Superboy, Bunker).  Their foes are represented by the Fearsome Five (Dr. Light, Psimon, Gizmo), Brother Blood and N.O.W.H.E.R.E.(Harvest, Rose Wilson, Leash).  The set also includes other tean teams Young Justice (Arrowette, Secret, Empress), Gen 13 (Fairchild, Burnout, Grunge) and the brand new Ravangers (Thunder, Lightning, Terra).  Not to be forgotten is the modern Justice League (Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg).



For more details on the latest expansions on these miniature HeroClix figures head over to HeroClix.

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Source- AFI via HeroClix





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