RUMOR: More Leaked Injustice DLC To Come

by Kristina

More leaked DLC is coming our way and there might a former Robin who will get in the game. Click the jump to see more.

When asked in February 2013, Ed Boon stated that it would be impossible to do so many characters for Injustice:dcf_dlc-slots_zpsc0837830 Gods Among Us. However, he was never asked about how much DLC would be available for Injustice. Batgirl, Doomsday, and a few others were leaked to be released and were shown to be the next DLC to have. Now, there are more leaks and one in particular has made gamers and fans perk up. Rumored future character releases are Martian Manhunter, Red Hood, Power Girl, and Sub-Zero.

For the longest time, Batman fans wanted all the former Robins to make an appearance on Injustice. We got Damian Wayne who is the Red Nightwing from the game and Dick Grayson (Nightwing). So, what’s the deal with Jason Todd (Red Hood)? Will he just be a nice skin to have or will he have a back story similar to Batgirl’s where she fights against Joker. One thing that can be said about Red Hood joining the game is that there will be guns, oh so many guns! Wait…isn’t that a bit violent? But, we love violence and Injustice is already so disgustingly dark, and we need more of that! So, let’s hope there are guns, bazookas, and tons of explosions from the Red Hood DLC. If there is DLC for him, that is. Remember this is all purely rumor based.

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Source – Gamespot Forum


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