Injustice: The Killing Joke Skin Pack

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Joker is getting more skins for his crazy self, and they’re inspired by The Killing Joke. Check out Joker’s new skins for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Click the jump to see more.

For those who don’t know what The Killing Joke is, it is the one-shot graphic novel by Alan Moore about how Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by the Joker  in his effort to drive Commissioner Gordon insane. It’s a crazy story that has shaped and defined Barbara Gordon’s character pre-New 52 as Oracle and has developed Barbara’s character as Batgirl in The New 52.

So, for those who have read the story, this is exciting! Last time, Batgirl was featured to have her own DLC where she beats the living snot out of Joker. This is great for Batgirl fans who have wished for this to happen in comic books and in the media. Thank God, we’re getting it as a game. However, Joker is getting some love as well with three skins from his Killing Joke skin pack. See the skins down below. There will be more for Joker to be released later maybe there might be Heath Ledger’s Joker or Mark Hamill’s Joker. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

The Killing Joke will be released this summer 2013.



joker skin


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