DC Collected Editions August 2013 Solicits

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Exciting new DC Collected Editions for the summer and fall 2013 and collector’s items as well. Click the jump to see more.

There are some major titles coming out that will be must-buys right away. First one is The Joker: Death of a Family coming out OctoberJOKER_DOTF_CVR_Presales 23, 2013 for $29.99. It is the first edition, which means that this edition is very special and a collector’s item at that. So, here’s what is so special about it. The first edition will have all the die cuts from all the issues that came out for Death of a Family. This will only be available for the first printing so buy it up quickly. It is a must have to keep and to hold FOREVER!

Other collected editions that will be coming out are Batgirl Vol 3: Death of a FamilyJustice League Vol 2: The Villain’s Journey, and Batwoman Vol 2: To Drown the World. See the price below and when these will become available. For more collected editions not mentioned in this post, you can go the source link below to see more.

Justice League Vol 2: The Villain’s Journey, September 25th, $16.99

Batgirl Vol 3: Death of a Family, October 23rd, $24.99

 The Joker: Death of a Family, October 16th, $29.99

Batwoman Vol 2: To Drown the World, September 18th, $14.99

Justice League
Death of a Family

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Source- DC Comics 

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