Batpod Chase Sequence Featured in a Behind the Scenes Clip from The Dark Knight Rises

A new behind the scenes clip was unearthed and features a look at the Batpod chase sequence in The Dark Knight Rises. Click the jump to see more.


The Dark Knight Rises is a very contentious movie among Batman fans and movie fans alike. Christopher Nolan was just charged with the task of trying to figure out just how he could possibly make a worthy follow-up to the Dark Knight, but the problem is that the Dark Knight was just near-perfect movie. Regardless, despite DKR being the weakest in the trilogy, I enjoyed it thoroughly and was just glad that Batman movies like that exists.

Say what you will about DKR, but you have to admit that that movie was a spectacle. And that means a top-notch special effects team. How better to appreciate them a little more then with this recently discovered behind the scenes feature all about the Batpod?

Don’t mind the subtitles. Enjoy:

Apparently, the clip was released exclusively to iTunes, but as expected, in the world of sharing and pirating, nothing ever really remains exclusive. At first, I have to admit that I was a little bored as they were explaining the stunts involved in this sequence, but when the Batpod came up, I perked up a bit and focused a little more after that. Overall, it was just a very, very cool video explaining how they managed to get over the obstacle of having a heavy vehicle perform what seemed like an impossible stunt. It’s a good testament to the skill and ingenuity of the folks working on DKR. My hat off those folks.

There’s speculation that this may appear on the “Ultimate Batman Trilogy” Blu-ray boxset that’s been promised to us. Anything else you’re hoping for in that release? Let me know.

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Source – Forum post at SuperHeroHype (via Dr. Comic’s Theories)

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