NECA Teases ’66 Batman Figure


Now, when you think of Batman, there’s normally two Batmen that come to mind. One is the gritty dark avenger that he’s been since the Bronze Age that’s all the rage now thanks to Tim Burton’s Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. The other is the light hearted, Shark-repellent shark spraying caped crusader from the 1960s. Adam West and Burt Ward will forever go down in history as the campy Batman and Robin of the live action tv show, who couldn’t get rid of a bomb on some days, or dealt with bizarrely themed villains on others. This version of the Dark Knight is so beloved and memorable that he’s even getting his own comic, simply titled Batman ’66, which will be out this summer. That said, who wouldn’t want to own their very own Adam West Batman? I know I would. Adam West Batman is kind of like Silver Age Superman. Like Superman and his on the spot super powers, the Batman of the 60s could be beat anything or anyone thanks to his deus ex machina utility belt that had an unlimited supply of whatever gadget he needed to win. Thankfully, we all can own our all own 60’s Batman thanks to NECA

They teased a work in progress figurine of the Masked Manhunter from 50 years ago on their twitter and facebook. Batman is still looking still a little rough, but amazingly detailed. There’s some other neat little custom figurines sitting in the background that NCEA has in development if you’re an avid figurine fan. This Batman is a quarter scale of the real deal, which is huge, and there’s no current price set for it. Batman ’66 will be available for all you figurine collectors in June or July of this year.

Source: Action Figure Insider

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