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Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2013 has begun with Day 2. The third panel of the convention is The New 52Click the jump to see more.


Day 2 at C2E2 is already starting off nicely and it’s well on its way to starting off DC Comics just right. The third panel of the convention is The New 52 featuring Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing), Peter J. Tomasi (writer of Batman & Robin), Patrick Gleason (artist of Batman & Robin), John Layman (current writer of Detective Comics), Chris Burnham (artist of Batman INC), and Jimmy Palmiotti (current writer of Batwing). Along with these two are the rest of the panel such as SVP-Sales Bob Wayne, Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, Editorial Director Bobbie Chase,  Aaron Kuder (artist), Doug Mahnke (artist), Charles Soule (writer). You can see them from the vine gif below:

Here’s the breakdown of the The New 52  panel:


The panel began with Peter Tomasi (writer of Batman & Robin) talked about his Batman and Robin series, which now features a different co-star each issue after Damian Wayne’s passing. He talked a bit about what’s to come for the Batman & Robin title for the next issues, which is the next few months of the comic book title. He states:

Batman has been through some stuff,  he’s still reeling from Damian’s death.  The key was to make sure that after Damian died, to have

Peter Tomasi

Peter Tomasi

the ripple effect continue for several months, to get a sense of the deep grief he’s going through. I can’t think of a better way to pull Batman out of depression than a visit form Catwoman. She’ll appear in #22, with Nightwing in #23. Nightwing is in the “acceptance” issue.

There are surprises in store, but I will not comment on whether Carrie would become the next Robin.  But I acknowledge that it’s an open question. The series will also show how Carrie Kelly entered Damian’s life earlier, before he died.

Basically, for the next few issues of Batman & Robin, Tomasi will be allowing Batman to go through the five stages of grief. This is an excellent idea, but it should have been established with the other tie-in books such as allowing each Bat-family member represent one of those five stages. For instance, allowing Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl book represent “bargaining,” or allow Tim Drake’s Red Robin to represent “anger.” Something of that nature, however from here it seems that Tomasi is trying to elongate story of Damian’s death to prepare for Carrie Kelley to take on the Robin mantle. If she is to become Robin in the end.

As far as Miss Kelley is concerned, whether it’s a red herring or not. She was brought up for a reason just like Harper Row was brought up for a reason. Someone is taking a Bat-family member’s mantle, we just don’t know which one yet.


Trinity War begins in August 2013, running through Justice League, JLA, and Justice League Dark, as well as the Trinity of Sin: Pandora and Phantom Stranger. “When you see all these characters together, you know it’s going to be great.”JL #22

JL #22


Kyle Higgins, for the second day in a row, gets an ovation from the crowd due to Dick Grayson moving to Chicago. The young writer has been doing a phenomenal job at writing Dick Grayson as a character, here’s what he had to say:

 Nightwing is headed here (Chicago) as a result of the fallout from Death of the Family, but

Kyle Higgins

Kyle Higgins

more specifically the revelation that Tony Zucco is still alive, and living under an alias in Chicago.

Nightwing will discover what happened to all the masks in Chicago. We’ve got a big mythology planned for Chicago. Right up front we’ve got a new villain, it’s a reinvention of Prankster, the old Superman villain. He has this very twisted sense of morality, putting people in these death traps where they have to make very interesting decisions in order to have a chance of escaping.

Yes, it was a big WTF moment as Higgins re-introduced Tony Zucco back into the mix of things. The character was previously dead and now he’s alive again. However, after that issue and a couple of interviews with Higgins explaining why he brought back Zucco. It seems just right to have Zucco there. He’s Nightwing’s “Joe Chill.” The reason for Dick Grayson to assume his alter ego as Robin in the first place. So, a superhero needs a catalysis and Zucco is Nightwing’s enzyme. Zucco needs to be there.

As far as Prankster is concerned. He’s bascially Nightwing’s Joker, if you want to call it that. Prankster is young, nimble, and sly as hell with an agenda. It’s perfect for Prankster to be Nightwing’s “Joker.” Thank goodness, Higgins is thinking about establishing Nightwing’s rogue’s gallery and his own little universe. It’s much needed.


Bob Harras commented on Batwing stating this:

“How Lucius Fox reacts to it is going to be very interesting.”

Truth be told, this is all they have to say about Batwing because right now the book is in jeopardy of 1361825064being scrapped aka cancelled. Luke Fox as Batwing is their last chance at giving the book some zest. If this fails, say bye-bye to Batwing and Luke Fox. They seriously have to make this book pop like putting out promotions about the book being a success or selling the fact that Lucius Fox has a son who is a superhero. Something, the fact that Luke Fox is Batwing now really ties the character more closely to Gotham and to Batman. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this.


Jonah Hex will be returning to the 21st century in Gotham City, that’s interesting. Vibe meets Batman and Batman has a his hand gripped around Vibe’s throat, violently interesting (sales pitch to get more readers). Shazam will be getting his own little collection of stories into a book.


New Batman Beyond

Villain’s Month will be in September 2013, and according to the panel, “they have no idea what Villain’s Month is or when it will be launched.” LIARS!

Crime Syndicate has not been announced yet with official date and there is no sign of it being in The New 52 or in an alternate universe.

 Renee Montoya‘s status in The New 52  has been confirmed to come back into comic books.

 Batwoman and Batwing will be drawn closer to the other Bat-books soon.

Batman & Robin #24, what would become of the Batman and Robin series after the Nightwing issue in #23, Tomasi said “we have lots of cool stuff planned,” but that “there won’t suddenly be a new Robin in #24.”

Batman Beyond will be written by Kyle Higgins where he’s picking up one year later from the previous run, with Terry McGinnis now in college. His run will be starting in July along with a new series called Batgirl Beyond“Something happened in the missing time, we’re not sure what.”

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