A New Scribblenauts Game is Coming; It’s Bringing The DCU With It

by Andrew Lococo
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These games literally let you summon God, and Cthulu to fix your problems. Now we can finally have Batman and Lovecraftian Elder Gods in the same game.

These games literally let you summon God, and Cthulhu to fix your problems. Now we can finally have Batman and Lovecraftian Elder Gods in the same game.

I love me some Scribblenauts, and honestly, who doesn’t? Well, maybe if you aren’t fond of using imaginative solutions in a cartoony world, sure, but what other game lets you create whatever you can think of on the spot and then use it? If you want to solve a puzzle using the dark lord Cthulhu, Black Holes, or Dinosaurs, then you could do it in the game. Anything and everything was more or less possible. However a lot of people thought, as the series went on, what will they add next? Well, the new Scribblenauts game that’s currently in development, tentatively called for now, Scribblenauts Unmasked, will be released for the Wii U and it’s going to be in the DCU along with all the objects and characters that implies. The game is currently undergoing some revision so that it can be shown off at this year’s E3, At the moment, anything could change, even the main character, the content currently in it, and the title, but the one thing the developers are completely devoted to is making use of the DC licence. That means no matter what, even if long mainstay hero Max doesn’t show up, or even if it’s not called Scribblenauts, it’ll have you creating DC Heroes and objects to solve puzzles. IGN did an article talking about what was in the build of Scribblenauts Unmasked before the developers began to change it, giving us a good indicator of what is to come when the final game is shown off at E3 this June.

Developers 5th Cell have always been great at making linear puzzle games, and that’s shows in what could possibly end up in the final game. There is a level where Max, our hero, is in the sewers below Wayne Manor, and can not proceed because Killer Croc is sitting in his way. You could conjure any kind of food you could imagine to feed the hungry convict, but he’ll never be satisfied. So what you could do to get him to move is to write into existence a dynamite sandwich, which drives him nuts. Robin comes in to save the day and holds off Croc while Max can move on to Wayne Manor, where Batman has been manipulated by The Joker, before finding Batgirl captured in the Batcave. That’s just one level.

Another level would be where Max encounters two police officers and has to figure out which one is the real deal, and the other is Clayface. You could do this a few ways. You could create an X-ray to see who’s lying, try to use hand cuffs to stop him, and use a freeze ray to end the situation once and for all. Other DC characters that show up are Aquaman and Black Manta in Atlantis, and Harley Quinn as well as Mr. Freeze have been spotted during a lot of the puzzles. All of this is subject to change and may not end up in the final product mind you, but it’s a good preview of what fun things you can do when we finally see the game at E3 this year. All I know is, I hope the Time Machine in this game is the Legions’ Time Bubble, and involve Booster Gold.

Source: IGN

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