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Okay, if you’re reading this. You’re already saying “WTF?!” Join in the line of curiosity and head scratching. It seems that Carrie Kelley will be in continuity.  Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: On the darkest of nights, who is the one person Batman meets that could change his life fore?

A lot of money has been blown, if you bet that Harper Row was going to be the new Robin. Our new Robin might just be petite, red head, and assertive. Nope, it’s not Barbara Gordon. It’s Carrie Kelley. According to Peter Tomasi (writer of Batman & Robin), Carrie Kelley will be in continuity  So, we don’t get Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown as Robin, but we have Carrie Kelley instead. Here’s what Tomasi has to say about Carrie Kelley’s existence in The New 52‘s:

“What you’ll find out once you crack the book, is that she’s not rsz_brr192exactly the ‘new Robin,’ but I don’t want to spoil the story and her introduction into Bruce Wayne/Batman’s life. In regards to how long she’ll be around, let’s just say that it’s a helluva lot longer than ‘one issue.’ I’ve got plans for Carrie that play well into the future.”

Wow…WOW! From last issue of Batman & Robin, a lot of people assumed that a list of movies initialed “C.K.” meant Clark Kent. However, we’ve never really seen Damian speaking with Superman/Clark Kent in The New 52. After this preview, you might start asking this question. Was Damian fooling around with Carrie Kelley? DC Comics has some explaining to do.


See the preview below.

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