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We know that Batman: Zero Year story arc will be beginning in June and ole Jock has a variant cover for a future issue of Batman: Zero Year. Click the jump to see what Jock has been up to in creating a gritty variant cover.

Very sure that every Bat-fan is skeptical of Scott Snyder’s new take on the Bruce becoming Batman origin. He states that he’s not going to use anything that anyone has ever seen before. However, he will keep the core elements of Batman’s origin alive. Well, doesn’t that scare the living S*** out of us? It’s unsettling to know that DC Comics will be reinventing Batman’s origins, but most Bat-fans know and love Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. So, what physical evidence can we hold onto for safety?

Well, a few days ago Jock (artist of Batman: Black Mirror) the same guy who gave you epic panels on Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics (pre-New 52). He released and showed a variant cover we can say is gritty, dark, and screams “Oh My God!” Jock is a great gritty artist, hopefully his variant for Batman #22 will hold you over until June to put your trust in Scott Snyder. Even, Greg Capullo (artist of Batmanhas released some cool shots of Batman: Zero Year. 

Check them out below.

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Source- Jock’s Twitter 


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