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Target will be selling an exclusive seven-action figure set called Justice League Legacy, representing the New 52-era version of the team. Click the jump to see more.

Target will be selling an exclusive seven-action figure set called Justice League Legacy, representing the New 52-era version of the team, but in sort of Brave and the Bold-esque exaggerated form! According to Mattel, they have their reasons for the characters’ appearance to look so Brave and the Bold-esque. See below:

While we know there is a log of fan demand for some of these unreleased figures, but this assortment is not the avenue to deliver jltargetthem. This JL line at Target is mostly a kid aimed line that yes, does use some redesigned parts from Brave and the Bold. While we are excited this line also appeals to collectors, adult collectors are not the primary target and characters like Dr Polaris don’t really fit into this type of line. We tried offering some unreleased figures form Young Justice as a pre-order on and did  not get enough pre orders to go into production. That makes it a little harder to try and resurrect other unreleased figures. The demand is very loud online, but doesn’t always translate to enough actual customers to meet our min orders.

According to Target‘s website, the set will retail for $49.99. The Superman, Batman,Flash, and Green Lantern figures will be sold separately, but Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg will only be available as part of the set.

See the figures below.

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