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With Young Justice gone, what’s next on the DC Nation block? This might be too disappointing for most, but for some this might be what some have been looking for. Click the jump to see more.

For the most part, Young Justice was wasted on the DC Nation block. It was great for young adults, adults, and some adolescence to watch but it was wasted. DC Entertainment should work on trying to get their DC shows on Adult Swim. Wouldn’t it be cool, hell even awesome to see Batman and the other Bat-family members given weekly episodes and not just annual animated features? Yes, we’ll always have Batman: The Animated Series but I want something more updated and weekly where I can indulge myself into the story line and be exciting for a thirty minute Batman episode. One can hope that DC Entertainment will see this bewarebatopportunity soon and if they need to make money from the merchandising; hell put up a couple of cool T-shirts, patches, pens, and limited edition statues. Money will come pouring down.

Anyway, enough ranting. Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go are on their merry way to the DC Nation block to replace Young Justice and Green Lantern. Will these two shows become a success? Yes, because it’s geared towards their focused demographic (children). Teen Titans Go is laughable and that’s all that will be said of it. However, Beware the Batman might be the dark horse that will surprise us because it has the feel of Batman: The Animated Series just with annoying CGI graphics attached to it.

Teen Titans Go will be shown at WonderCon 2013 and will be premiering on April 23rd and will also be on the DC Nation block on Saturdays starting April 27th.

Beware the Batman should be premiering in the summer which is either late May or in June, but by latest as July of 2013.

See the promo clips  below.

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